6 weeks till Christmas – Personalize your Christmas cards with photos

PSG 6 Weeks till Christmas



On the 6th week till Christmas my PPO (Personal Photo Organizer) suggested to me: Personalize your Christmas cards with photos.

Don’t you just love getting cards that are also photos showing off the family who sent the card? Today it’s easy to personalize cards with photos and messages. You have so many options with multiple sizes, flat or folded, even shapes of cards. Some of the do-it-yourself companies let you personalize most of the card. They may not let you do anything on the back where they put their branding, but others will let you totally design and personalize the card throughout.

We have always done a simple flat photo card, printed as a glossy photograph, then added a letter. With the folded cards you can print your letter in the card so no more collating! If you are doing a folded card you have more room to add multiple photos. Don’t forget mom and dad. So many of our friends only put the children’s photo and news in.

Some years we use a family photo with all of us in the same picture. Other years it’s individual photos of each family member. You can do it either way. Some people take the family card picture at a totally different time of year to avoid the rush and possible bad attitude problems with children not wanting to get their picture taken when you HAVE to get it DONE NOW! This is one of the reasons to go with individual photos.

Christmas Card 8x4 individual photos
Individual photos can also let you show some of what you’ve been up to during the year.

It may seem early to start thinking about cards, but you will need some time to gather the photos and get the card made.  If you want to wait until Thanksgiving for that family photo, don’t wait to chose the vendor and design the card!  Have that all decided so you can get it done and ordered that weekend!  If you need help or have questions, leave a comment.  We’re here to help.

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