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Holiday Photo Gift Ideas

Photographs make very personal gifts.  With today’s technology your pictures can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces and objects making them unique gifts. 

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Birthday Slideshow

What makes a good slide show?

Slide shows or photo montage videos…  you see them at weddings, graduations, big birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations where people want to show off a

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Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper Review

Picture Keeper is a very simple, yet powerful way to find and backup your digital photos.  Just plug in the flash drive or external hard

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Organizing in Photo Safe Boxes

Where Photos Live

It’s been hot and humid here.  I put the air conditioner in the window and cranked it up.  I like moderate temperatures and fairly low

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MYS as a young lady

Photo Organizing Haiku

Three Photo Organizing Haiku from my wife Susan – my muse!  Old silver photo This woman with eyes like mine What is her story?  

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Yearbook Revolution!

I worked on my High School Yearbook one year.  It was before desktop publishing, which has made that part easier, but we still had to

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Telling your story

I had a client say, “I don’t know how much to write about each picture.”  Pictures can be worth a thousand words… or nothing, if

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Where is your one place?

Have you seen the news about people gathering photos that have been blown far and wide by recent tornadoes?  People who find the scattered prints

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My Five Favorite Apps

Linea – Beautiful Photo Browsing by Linea Photosharing LLC is a photo sharing and storage app that is great for viewing your photos on any

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Getting back to it!

At the beginning of the year I posted 13 things to do with your photos.  Well the last one was really a challenge for me

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Photo on tie

Photos as gifts

Use photos as part of the gifts you give.  People respond to gifts that have photos in them or on them, especially if they are

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Who is in the picture?

Who is in that picture?

You know everyone in the photos you take, but what will happen when your grandchildren are looking at your photos?  Will they know anyone?  Have

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Back to School Photos

It’s that time of year again.  My boys are both looking forward to and dreading going back to school.  It’s a time to capture growth

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Do you remember?!

Recently at dinner, we were talking about what we might do when we go to our cottage in Maine.  My wife Susan suggested climbing a

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Capture those special moments with a custom photo album – for graduations, weddings, anniversary parties, and more.

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Photo Calendars

These calendars give you 12 months and 12 photo prints when the year is done! Start any month and use them to remember a special

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Make someone feel famous with their own poster. Celebrate an event or highlight an accomplishment.

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Capture those special moments with a custom photo album – for graduations, weddings, anniversary parties, and more . Click to see one of the Graduation Albums that we’ve done.

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Create a memorial photo book as a way to honor your loved ones and celebrate their life.

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Remember your special wedding day with a custom Photo Album, Coffee Table Book or Calendar. We offer the ability to add your words to make the story come alive. See some examples of wedding books and gifts we have done.

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Mother’s Day Blues

Mother’s Day sneaks up like a lion ready to pounce on us each year.  Suddenly we wonder: Have we gotten a card or gift?  What

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Tangled Movie Poster

Tangled up in fairytales

We took our boys to see Walt Disney’s new movie “Tangled” just after Thanksgiving.  It looked like a great movie for the family, and we

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Fathers Day My Boys

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day in our house as that is the day we received our first son.  In Guatemala, Father’s Day is always

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