Photo Tips

What do you take photos with?

3 Small steps to get your photos organized this year.

Each year people make New Year’s resolutions.  Losing weight and getting organized are big ones that many people start the year with and then lose their way.  I’ve been hearing many motivational speakers talk about the need for resolve in making simple changes that will have more lasting results in our lives.  Looking back at …

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Where is your one place?

Have you seen the news about people gathering photos that have been blown far and wide by recent tornadoes?  People who find the scattered prints and can drop them off at designated locations, where they are cleaned and organized in order to reunite them with their owners.  This is exactly what I tell my clients …

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Share your pictures!

People love to share their photos.  Today it’s so easy with the camera on your phone to snap a quick image and share it on many different social media or photo sharing sites.  Just be sure to check out the privacy statements and terms of service if you are sharing online!  I know… who has …

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