Summer fun photo tips

Summer Fun at the beach

We’ve come to the longest day of the year and here that means the local swimming hole is open!  My boys are like fish.  Even though school is still in session, we are at the Reservoir to swim and play with their buddies after school.  These are great photo opportunities as well.  The sand and water offer some great shots.  It can be somewhat tricky too.  Try not to shoot in the middle of the day.  The sun can wash out the faces and give you squinty eyes.  Earlier in the morning or later afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky will give you great light and more open faces.

When you’re at the beach or larger lake, take notice of the horizon.  Is it level or slightly sloping?  I’ve done way too many shots quickly that I’ve had to fix the horizon so it doesn’t look like the ship is slipping downhill.  Take time to frame your shot and make sure the horizon is level.

Rock Climbing

You go to the beach to have fun and relax, so capture the action.  Are the kids building sandcastles?  Take the process as well as the finished work.  I love to get them filling the mote with water.  Catch them splashing each other in the water.  Just don’t get the camera wet!

Sometimes a polarized lens filter will help with the glare and give you brilliant blue skies.  Shooting in Black & White can also help you capture the contrasts of bright sun and deep shadows.  For more on the technical side, see Exposure Guide and Digital Photography School.  Two great sites for taking better pictures so you can tell your story!

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook!

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