Do you remember?!

View from Mount BattieRecently at dinner, we were talking about what we might do when we go to our cottage in Maine.  My wife Susan suggested climbing a certain mountain and the boys started asking questions about it.  Susan told the boys that we had been there before and pulled out a family photo book to show them the pictures of the tower at the top of the mountain.  Both boys immediately burst out, “Oh I remember that!”  They then proceeded to look through all 100 pages of the photo book reliving the events from 2007 that are recorded with in its pages.   It was a small thing – show the boys the place we are thinking of going.  It turned into a precious family time of reminiscing and talking with each other.

Kids love to see themselves in pictures.  I love having them out and in a format that is easy to look at.  We didn’t have to huddle around the computer and find the photos.  It was spontaneous because it was easy.  There is also something about holding the photo book in your hands, turning the pages, that slows you down and lets the conversation flow.  When was the last time you stopped and pulled out a family photo album or book to look at one or more photos?  How long did you linger?

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For Centuries Every Memory Was Passed Down Through Story Telling And Conversations.