Getting your photos organized starts with deleting!

Delete the bad photos
How hard is it for you to use this?

Not every photo you take is worth keeping!  It really is ok to delete the picture if it’s blurry, a finger in the way, or otherwise a bad photo.  With digital photography we are taking so many more photos than we did with film.  There is the benefit of seeing the image immediately so you know you got the shot.  But the down side of being able to take many shots with no additional cost is that we take 100 times more than we did before!  When you were sorting 12, 24 or 36 shots from a roll of film, tossing the bad photos was hard for people because they might only end up with a handful of good photos.  Now you end up with 12, 24 or even 36 shots of the same moment.  Pick the best one or two and delete the rest!  If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, you don’t need 1,000 pictures to tell about one moment in time.  When you go to share your photos, people aren’t really interested in looking at that many photos all at once.  Better to have five or ten pictures that tell your story than overwhelm people simply because we can take and save so many more images now.

I find it easiest to really see the photos while looking at them on my computer screen, not the camera.  It’s a bigger screen and I can see details that I would miss on the camera screen.  Take the SD card out of your camera and put it in your computer.  Most computers have slots for various sizes of SD cards.  If your computer doesn’t have a slot for your camera’s card, you can get an adapter that will plug into a USB port.  You can delete the bad photos right away, before importing them onto your computer’s hard drive.  The less you have to deal with on your computer, the more likely you are to actually do something with those photos.  You will still need to sort and tag your photos!  I always go back to the ABC’s of photo organizing for that part.  If you do the tagging when you load them onto your computer, it will be easier and you will be able to come back later and find the image you are looking for! We’ll talk about tagging your photos next time.

For now, get rid of the bad, the duplicate, and images you don’t want to see in an album or want to share with others.   Remember that in photography you take 95% of your shots to get the 5% that are worth keeping.  You may not delete all 95% of the images you take in a day or at an event, but deleting the bad and even the good, but not great shots, will make it easier to organize the rest of your photos.  What is the hardest part of sorting through and deleting photos for you?

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