Dealing with your photos: Important or Urgent

Why is it that photos are so important to us that people want to save them out of a burning building, but barring a natural disaster, there seems to be no urgency to do anything with them?  The recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, Hurricane Sandy, and the wild fires of last year remind us that natural disasters can strike without warning, or with not enough time to properly deal with protecting our photos.  In the last 12 months, many people have lost precious memories held by their photos.  To them, their photos were important, but the urgency was realized too late to do anything about it.

Do you remember seeing the grid with Important vs. Not Important on one axis, and Urgent vs. Not Urgent on the other?  You want to do the things that are Important but Not Urgent, and not be doing things that are Not Important but Urgent.  Thinking through what those things are is really helpful, but it’s really hard to focus on doing the Important, but Not Urgent when so many things are screaming they are “URGENT!”

Your Photos - Important vs Urgent

For almost everyone, photos are important.  They hold our memories and help bond us together.  Those photos will almost never be urgent until natural disaster strikes or a big life event is about to happen and you think, “Pictures would really help me celebrate this.”  So how do you get to the things that are important, but not urgent in order to be prepared for the points in time when they jump up to the urgent category?  You schedule the time to do it when it’s not urgent, or you delegate it by hiring someone to deal with it for you.

For me, and I think for many people, time is the obstacle.  There are always so many other things that seem more urgent than sitting down and sorting through photos, tagging them so you can find the right picture for an event, or making sure the backup is done.  Sorting and tagging your pictures when it’s not urgent allows you to find the right picture when you need it – that cute baby picture to include on a poster for graduation, or that picture of your proposal to put in a slide show for the wedding reception.  Doing a little bit at a time now really will make it easier to deal with when the urgency increases.

What part of your photo collection is important enough to spend some time doing now, so you can celebrate with them later?  Give us a call if you need help!

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