Photos as gifts

Use photos as part of the gifts you give.  People respond to gifts that have photos in them or on them, especially if they are in the photo with you!  Personalizing your gift with photos can make even a deck of cards or coasters special.

Photos into Coasters
Add that adorable face to a coaster.

Did you go on a trip with a friend or relative?  Make a book of the photos and recount the adventures you had together.

Travel Book
This is a gift that will be opened again and again!

Have someone graduating from high school or college?  Make a calendar of family photos for that first year with important family dates on it.

College Calendar
Start in the month they head off to college.
You get a calendar and 12 photo prints to keep for years to come.

Posters or wall prints are great for celebrating milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or a great sports season.

75th Birthday Poster
Celebrate milestones with posters you can enjoy long after the event.

Sometimes all you need is a frame to show off a portrait.  You can get a special photo printed on a frame-less acrylic or metal plaque.

Photos in Frames and frameless
Landscapes or portraits, photos of loved ones look great in your home and convey love, acceptance and belonging like nothing else.

Sometimes giving the place to put pictures is the perfect gift.  A magnetic display board is a great way to display photos and memorabilia for a short time and then change to celebrate the next season or event.  It takes the refrigerator magnet to a whole new level.

Magnetic Display Board
Decorate for a special day or remember a moment. Then change it out. It’s so much nicer than the fridge door.

Of course you have your mugs and mouse pads, but don’t stop there.  Photos personalize almost anything these days.  I have a tie with my son’s photo repeated multiple times and every time I wear it, people comment and my son notices.

Photo on Tie
What could be better than showing off your kids? Perfect Father’s Day gift.

Put pictures of the giver and receiver on the gift tags you use.  This makes them special and opens opportunities for even young children to know who the gift is for.

Gift Tag with Photo
This was printed as a 4×6 photo and cut to make the gift tag.

On Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, various holidays, or when you want to say, “I love you, you’re special” give a gift they will open again and again.  One with pictures!

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