Photo Albums & Books

Photo Organizing

We help you get over that mountain of printed photos and digital images scattered across your home:

  • in boxes, bags, and drawers
  • on your computers, cell phones, tablets, and camera cards

We come to you and provide a high-touch service in a high-tech world, developing a photo organization system that works for you.

You want to be able to find a photo quickly and easily in order to share and enjoy the memories.  This is the first step in creating a book or slideshow to tell your story.

We help you curate your photo collection by sorting through to find the best images and the ones that spill over with emotion and stories.  If you have inherited your parents’ or grandparents’ photo collections, this is an important step to find out what treasures you actually have.

You can start by gathering the photos, slides, negatives, film, etc. that you know of into one place. You may be surprised by how many photos and albums you have. Then go on a search throughout your house looking for those boxes, bags, albums, etc. that have been tucked away for longer than you care to remember.

For your digital images, check all your devices: phones, tablets, computers, cameras, and cards and copy the images onto one external hard drive.  We have software to help with this process if you need help finding all the photos.

We collect both family and individual timelines to help organize your photos in a way that makes sense to you and enables you to access your photos easily.

  • Organize Printed Photos
  • Organize Digital Photos
  • Organize Memorabilia
  • Sort through Slides & Negatives
  • Customize a Photo Management System for You (organization, sharing, and backup)
  • Online Photo Storage and Sharing Service that is Private & Secure

* Photo safe boxes protect your photos from light and moisture while keeping your pictures organized.

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