My Five Favorite Apps

Linea Photo SharingLinea – Beautiful Photo Browsing by Linea Photosharing LLC is a photo sharing and storage app that is great for viewing your photos on any device and sharing them privately with only those people you invite.  There is a social aspect as well.  Anyone you invite to view your ‘line’— a collection of photos — can comment on those images, download them at full resolution, or add their own photos.  This app is great for family reunions and other events where people will be taking lots of photos.  You can start a line, invite the clan and everyone uploads their photos.  You all get to see them and comment on your favorites.  They also have printing to photo books that are great for brag books.  You take your vacation pictures, upload, arrange, and print!  Simple!



CardMunch - Business Card ReaderCardMunch – Business Card Reader by LinkedIn lets you take a picture of a business card and they enter the information from the card into the CardMunch address book.  It’s connected to LinkedIn so you can click and connect right away.  It even pulls in the information so you can see most of their profile right on your device without going into LinkedIn.  It’s great for when you’re at a networking event and you want to capture how you met someone and what you want to follow up with.  The one thing I don’t like is that the contacts stay in CardMunch and don’t populate your address book.



The Association of Personal Photo OrganizersThe Association of Personal Photo Organizers has an app that was launched at their first National Conference in April of this year.  Yes I’m a member and so this is a bit of self-promotion, but it does give you the ability to ask photo organizing questions and get answers from an APPO member.  There are also photo tips and you can find an organizer near you.  This part is still being worked on.  I’m on the list, but my push pin is in the middle of the ocean L instead of in Massachusetts.  That should be fixed soon.



Kindle Book ReaderKindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks.  I don’t have a Kindle, but I’ve purchased Kindle version books and love having the Kindle app that lets me read them on my PC, iPad, or iPhone.  I do tend to read only on the iPad as I spend way too much time at the computer and the iPhone is too small for my aging eyes.  My wife is after me to get the iPad mini because she really likes that fit for her hands, and she loves to read.  Carrying a ton of books with you via the kindle app beats the weight of paper volumes!



WeatherMy fifth app is really for my kids.  It’s the Weather app that came with my iPhone.  (You thought I was going to say Angry Birds didn’t you!)  Every day I hear the same thing from my boys, “What’s the weather going to be today?”  I’m glad they are thinking ahead to what will be appropriate to wear for how hot or cold, how wet or dry it might be.  They both play soccer so the weather comes in handy for practice and games.  We’ve had disappointed faces when rain is predicted a few days out on a game day.  I should get a more robust weather app that lets me look at more than just the next 12 hours.


What are your favorite apps?

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