Creative Memories Bankruptcy and you

Sharing photo album with friends
Sharing your story with friends – priceless!


I have been a Creative Memories Consultant for almost 8 years now.  When I heard Creative Memories was in Chapter 11 and looking to reorganize I was not all that worried.  The way photos are taken and shared has changed.  The company that reinvigorated scrapbooking needs to change with it.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is the mission, preserving people’s memories and putting a photo album in the lap of every child.  This was why I started and why I will continue to help you tell your stories with your pictures in the future.  They have a profound impact on your family!

What I thought was just something that was for helping adoptive families build confidence, self-esteem, bonding, and open opportunities for conversation, turns out to be true for all children according to Dr. Kenneth Condrell, Ph.D.  My boys benefit from having photo albums/books, pictures on the walls, calendars and posters that celebrate our family and their stories.  How can I not continue to provide that?

How can Creative Memories fulfill that mission when what they currently offer is so overwhelming to people who are busy and can barely get their pictures off their phones or cameras and onto their computers?  They simplify!  That is what Creative Memories is in the process of doing.  In order to do that, they must finish off what is currently in their product line to make room for the new.  What this means for anyone who has used their products is you need to look at what you have not finished and figure out what you still need in order to complete that album or project, and get it now.  None of the current products will move forward in their current form.  Everything is currently “while supplies last.”  With court approval, there will be a period in July for people to order albums, pages and page protectors that Creative Memories will produce on demand, but no extras!

If you are a person who loves paper crafting and decorative scrapbooking, now is the time to get those tools and embellishments while supplies last.  I have things on my shelves and you can order from my CM website.  I am here to help you figure out what you will need to complete any albums or projects you still have lingering around.  You can help me by telling anyone you know who has used Creative Memories products and have them contact their consultant or me.

Regardless of what happens with Creative Memories, Susan and I will be here to help you organize, archive and enjoy your photos for years to come.  As Personal Photo Organizers we are committed to helping you tell your stories.  If you have questions or need our help, feel free to comment below or contact us via email or phone.

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For Centuries Every Memory Was Passed Down Through Story Telling And Conversations.