Celebrate life’s events with pictures!

Celebrating Life with Pictures!

We celebrate life with images.  It’s how we think.  We take photos at birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and other life events to remember them.  Moms keep baby books to remember those fleeting years that have so many changes.  Those images and stories get pulled out at graduations, weddings, and 60th birthday parties.  By capturing the everyday moments of your life and the life of your family, you will have the images to celebrate those big moments when they come.

What are some of those moments?

Your baby being born

Going off to school

The Sports, Music, Ballet, Theatre, etc. in the school years

Graduation from High School and College

Getting Engaged – the proposal



The birth of your grandchildren

Milestones of Faith – Christening, Bris, First Communion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, etc.


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Family vacation(s)

Family Reunions

Promotion at work


Anniversaries (25th, 40th, 50th)

Birthday Celebrations (the big decade ones)

Funeral/Memorial service

How can you use photos to celebrate those moments?

Framed Photos - Grandparents with grandchildren

Framed photo

Fathers Day My BoysPhoto Panels

Celebration Board / Photo Collage

                20×30 Celebration board / photo collage

Slide Show

Photo Book

Photo Book


There are so many ways to take those everyday moments and celebrate the special milestones in life that they lead up to.  What are some ways you’d like to incorporate images into your next celebration?

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For Centuries Every Memory Was Passed Down Through Story Telling And Conversations.