Get to know your Camera!

Reading the manual may not be exciting, but will help you capture better photos to tell your story.

Get to know your camera!  If you are going to take photos, it helps to know and understand the camera that you are using.  Be it a point-n-shoot, DSLR, or even your smart phone, you will get better results by knowing the various aspects of the camera you are using.  I know it can be boring, but read the manual!  Nick Kelsh even recommends reading it multiple times!  I agree.  You will learn something new each time.

Camera Manuals
Read the manual for each of your cameras or devices that take pictures.

One way to get to know your camera is to read through the manual once.  Read it a second time with your camera in hand.  Then take a section of the manual at a time and practice what that section talks about.  Take multiple photos using the setting explained, trying all the variations.  It might take you a little while to get through the manual, but you will have a much better command of your camera at the end.  You might even find that you like manual mode and get some great pictures that you hadn’t been able to capture before.  Part of learning is playing or experimenting with your camera.  It’s always easier and less stressful if you do your experimenting when it doesn’t count!  The last thing you want is to be in a once in a lifetime moment and fumbling with your camera.

The good news is that you can delete most of the photos you take while playing.  Take a look at all the photos to see what happens when you make changes to setting, etc.  You might even capture a fabulous photo in the process!  Enjoy getting to know your camera.  It will help you capture some precious memories.

Let us know how you are doing with getting to know your camera in the comments below.  Don’t forget to share this and other articles that you find helpful with your friends as well.

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