9 Weeks till Christmas – Canvas Prints

9 Weeks till Christmas - Make a canvas print for your family

On the 9th week till Christmas my PPO (Personal Photo Organizer) suggested to me a canvas print of the family to put on the wall.

A canvas print doesn’t have to be just one photo.  You can do a collage or a series of images.  The canvas gives another look that helps vary what is on your walls.  You can do a canvas print framed or unframed.  Most canvas prints will wrap the image around the edges so you can just hang the finished piece on your wall and it looks great.  Artsy Couture has some floating canvas pieces that have the photo canvases on top of another canvas.  These can be a really nice way to put two photos together.  If you want or need help with taking your photos from jpegs to a canvas print on your wall, we can help.

Your walls can speak volumes to your family by what you display.  Pictures of family and the places that are special to you build bonds between family members.  It’s the opposite of “out of sight, out of mind.”  When you see images every day of your family or things that remind you of the good times you have enjoyed together, that helps cement those into your being.  What better gift than one that will encourage and strengthen your family.

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