7 Weeks till Christmas – Make a calendar

Make a Calendar

On the 7th week till Christmas my PPO (Personal Photo Organizer) suggested to me – Make a calendar, it’s two gifts in one, the calendar and then 12 photo prints.

You have seen many places to make your own calendar with your photos. The one I personally like best is when you can do a 12×12 image that detaches from the month so you can save it as a print. You get a two-for-one gift, a calendar and 12 large prints that can be single photos or collages. We’ve done this for our family over several years. Make one calendar with all the family birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates on it. Add photos or artwork from the previous year and we have a gift for all our family. This is a gift people will look at all year and beyond.

Wedding Calendar
Celebrate that special day throughout the year.

Calendars offer a wide variety of options as you have 12 months to show off different people, events, places, artwork, crafts, or any number of other images. You can have one unifying theme for the whole calendar like an event (think wedding, baby, graduation), place (think your town, house, or vacation place), art/craft/hobby (we’ve done my mother in-law’s quilts for several years), or people (think immediate family, extended family, or even ancestors).

Hobby Calendar
Remember special places and share your handiwork.

There are several sites that let you do this yourself, or you can have a Personal Photo Organizer help you or do it for you. We’ve done many of these. Sometimes we will take pages from a photo book and use them in a calendar or the other way around. It usually saves time and money when you make a page do double duty.

Family Calendar
Pick a person to feature for a month.

Have you done a photo calendar?  How was it received?  If you have questions orneed help, we’re here for you.

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