4 weeks till Christmas – Give an archival, photo safe box

PSG 4 Weeks till Christmas



On the 4th week till Christmas my PPO (Personal Photo Organizer) suggested to me: Give an archival, photo safe Legacy Box to put all your printed photos and memorabilia in.  Better yet, give it filled with family photos already organized.


You can also take all the printed photos you just had scanned and divide them up between your grown children or your parent’s photos between your siblings and make a box for each person with their photos in it.  You can include the digital copies of all the photos, and just the printed photos of that particular person in them.  This can be a great gift after cleaning out grandparents or parents homes, or when downsizing.


What I like about the Legacy Box is that it holds 2,400 photos in 11-12 smaller boxes and has many cards to further divide the photos so you can find a specific photo easily.  There is also a large envelope for photos larger than 5×7.  The box looks nice so you can leave it out, but it’s sturdy enough to stack away in a closet.  There is a place for labeling what is in the box.  The Legacy Box is only available through an APPO Personal Photo Organizer.   Contact us if you would like one.

Legacy Box detail

If you need help doing the sorting, we are here for you.

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