3 Reasons to clear your camera card on a regular basis.

SD Card

When was the last time you actually cleared your camera card?  Not just downloaded the photos off your camera card, but you reformatted the card!  You might ask me why?  I’ve got lots of room on my card, you say.  It works fine.  There are at least three reasons to download and clear your camera card regularly.  The first has to do with keeping the card functioning properly for your camera.  SD Cards are made to function in a number of different cameras.  Each camera has its own file system, so the card will work best if formatted in the camera that you are going to use it in.  Just deleting pictures doesn’t completely clear out the files and can reduce how much your card can hold over time.  So download and reformat the card regularly to keep it working at its best.

The second is to keep down the number of duplicate photos you import.  When I download and then clear the photos from my camera, cell phone, and tablet on a regular basis, I don’t get so many duplicates cluttering up my computer.  Setting up a regular routine of moving your digital images from all your various devises that you take photos with to one place on your computer will help you keep track of your photos.  Unless you have a program that tells you that the photos you are about to import are duplicates, you want to have a system that keeps you from duplicating images on your computer.  If I’m shooting multiple photos in a day, like when we’re on vacation or a trip, I like to download at the end of the day.  I normally do it once a week, and never let it go longer than once a month.  Once the photos are downloaded, I reformat the card!  Then I know that when I go to download from that camera card there will be no duplicates.

Then third, it helps get you ready to organize your images.  If I wait to download my photos from my camera card or iPhone until they are full, I’m overwhelmed!  Dealing with several hundred or a thousand photos is daunting.  I find the fewer images I need to deal with at a time, the more likely I am to actually organize them and tell their story!  The software I use lets me see the photos by import date.   That way I can take each day or event and organize just those photos.  I don’t have so many that I give up, or don’t completely finish the process.

How often do you download your photos and clear your camera?  Do you reformat your camera card?  Let us know in the comments below.

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