10 Tips for summer vacation photos

Are you headed off to vacation this summer?  Here are some tips for taking photos to help tell about what a fabulous vacation it turns out to be.

1. Remember, a story has a beginning, middle, and an end.  Take pictures that show all three parts.

Starting the trip

2. Start with the packing.  Take a shot of the luggage ready to go, including the person who did most of the packing.

At the Airport - Plains 3. If you’re driving, take a picture of the car heading out and returning.  If you’re flying, get a picture of the plain and in the plain.

Getting the sign and people in the shot

4. When you visit places of interest, take a shot of the name of the place with one or more of your family.  This can be a sign, plaque, or marque.  To get a great shot, frame the building or sign first and then put the people in so they are close enough to see their faces.  The people may need to stand to one side of the sign to get everything in.

Brochures and Memorabilia to use 5. It never hurts to pick up post cards, brochures, or pamphlets of the place you are visiting.  You can scan them to use in a photo book or calendar page.  Sometimes the postcard has a better shot of the area than you can get on the particular day or time you are visiting.

The people you meet.

6. Capture the people you meet and things you see.

Capturing the activities

7. The activities: Shopping, sports, sightseeing, restaurants, etc.

Scenic shots

8. Take scenic shots of sunsets and sunrise, the moon, the skyline, shore, mountains, etc. and don’t forget the interior spaces.

The places you stay and interesting things you see.

9. Interesting things at the place you stay.  My parents went on a cruise and every day the towels were made into different animals.  It made them laugh so they captured each animal.

Returning home with fun outfits

10. When it’s time to head home remember to get pictures of the return.  Arriving home wearing a bright shirt from a far-off place adds a good finishing touch and is sure to bring a smile for years to come.

What other photos do you take when you go on vacation?

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