1 week till Christmas – Give a gift certificate

PSG 1 Week till Christmas


On the last week till Christmas my PPO (Personal Photo Organizer) suggested to me: Give a gift certificate for a half-day of photo organizing.

With only one week till Christmas most of the work that organizing, scanning, restoring, designing, and printing take, is more time than is left. The good news is that a gift certificate can be personalized and given now for work to be done later.

One very popular gift is half a day of organizing photos. This lets us get to see what the recipient has. What they might want to do with those images long term. We can then develop a plan for what needs to be done. They can take it from there to do it themselves or continue to work with us on part, or all of the plan.  Giving a gift of a custom designed photo book, slideshow or other project makes a great gift as well.

January is a great time to get organized, so giving a gift certificate now lets the recipient chose when and how they want to  work on their photos.  Who do you know that would love to get their photos out of boxes or off their computer and back into their life to enjoy and share with friends and family?

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