Memorial Boards & Celebration Posters

Having a collage of photos to celebrate a life or event gives people time to linger over the memories brought up by those images. It is also a great way to give space for conversations as people remember various times, places, and events the images bring back to their memories.

Most Memorial Boards or Celebration Posters have 12 to 30 images. Text can be included either as titles or captions. We have even had clients use the board to display comments and remembrances of friends and relatives over a single photo. We are happy to design what will suit the occasion best.

“The memorial pictures for my Mom’s service were truly wonderful. Thank you.” — David Rines

You can use these to celebrate almost any event – including birthdays, anniversaries, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, or memorials. If you have pictures, we can make a poster.

We recommend boards along with slide shows. The images you see in the slideshow for a moment are waiting to be studied on a Celebration Poster. They prompt people to ask questions and tell stories. We can print additional copies for extended family and friends.

You can also create a book using the photos from the board as a beginning, adding to them to fill out the life and story being told.

For Centuries Every Memory Was Passed Down Through Story Telling And Conversations.