Philip Griffith has spoken on various topics at conferences, in classrooms, and to groups across the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Here are some of the topics he is currently available to speak on for your group:

Philip specializes in teaching people how to organize a lifetime of family photos. If you have boxes and bags full of photos that need to be organized, or have jpgs hiding on hard drives, cameras, or SD cards, Philip will teach you a method called the ABC’S of photo organizing. He will also address what to do with your old home movies, slides, and family memorabilia. Join us and leave inspired, ready to conquer your mountain of memories and photos.

We all want our lives to matter. What will you leave behind to touch the lives of your friends and family? Philip takes you through the process of gathering your stories and photos to create a legacy for your descendants. He talks about how to choose the stories and photos, when to start, and the benefits of sitting down with children and grandchildren to tell your stories. Your life can have more impact than you might imagine. Join us and learn how you can leave a legacy of memories for your heirs.

Are you an adoptive or foster family? Ever thought about making a Lifebook for your child? Philip Griffith is an adoptive father of two boys and has gone through the process of making and using lifebooks with his two sons. He will take you through the why and how of putting a Lifebook together with or for your child. He also includes the 8 essential elements that every Lifebook should have.

One audience member said, “Philip, Thank you for your insight into Adoption Life Books. They really are so much more than a photo album or travel book. Knowing what information to include and equally importantly what not to include has been very helpful.” C. Wallin, Roanoke, VA

Additional photo-related topics are available upon request.
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For Centuries Every Memory Was Passed Down Through Story Telling And Conversations.